Monday, July 30, 2012

                                                           Hey its blog about it Monday!

So recently Britney Spears was seen showing up to X Factory wearing a some what trend the short shorts.Fashion Police are asking is this trend over?In my opinion it never was a trend people have been wearing small shorts for  awhile now,Shorts shorts are in my opinion a fashion Faux Pas that caught on  in the summer.My actual question is do you think this suitable for X factor or a more chilling around town look?

    P.S. Bonus Gossip!We have heard  possible rumors about Simon Cowell saying Britney is way a better JUDGE then Mariah Carey who is now a judge for American Idol.Don't you find it funny that he wanted her as a Judge for X factor last year and would say this now is there jealousy between X Factor and American Idol now?

              Blog Ya Soon!-PD

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