Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Haul: H&M,Forever 21, and Ulta


Hi Stylesoldiers so I am sorry I haven't been blogging on here lately,but I have a entirely good reason.
The reason I haven't been on here is because I have been working on wait for it..........THE NEW AND IMPROVED BLOG !!! I have been working on it for about a month and a half now and finally decided to launch it.It has all sorts of things like new sections other than fashion like recipes,my inspirations and thoughts. It even has an ask me box where you can ask me anything you wish. It is truly a blog fit for a Stylesoldier! Well, Stylesoldiers exciting right? With that being said that means this will unfortunately be my last post on this blog :-(. But if you just love this blog I am running a contest on giving away or passing the blog to another Stylesoldier for free! Want in on this contest here is the instructions below.(along with this blog you will get my followers or readers!)
1. Go to the ask me box on
2.Comment in the section with a fashion post or writing from you, how often you will be posting,And why you are a Stylesoldier.
3. I will be  picking the new blog owner!
  • Must be a fashion blog
  • No inappropriate comments or posting
  • No rudeness
  • Must provide a fashion writing of some sort for a trial post
Note :the password and email will be changed once the winner is picked.I AM NOT SELLING THE BLOG THIS IS A CONTEST!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

                                      Floral Love    


                                           My Playlist

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey StyleSoldiers today I am going to be talking about the LWD.(Little White Dress) EVERYONE  has heard about the LBD(Little Black Dress)but...lets lighten it up a little bit and learn about the fresh and chic LWD.The LWD will be very popular this summer simply because it's so versatile it can go Day to Night,Edgy to Chic, and carries a sense of classiness no matter how it's worn. Let's take a look at some of the endless styles!

Friday, April 19, 2013

                                     New Stuff

 Hey StyleSoldiers  be sure to check out my  Tumblr blog. I added some new stuff! Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

                           Top 5 Shoes for Summer


Betsey Johnson Endall



Christian Louboutin Scuba


Jessica Simpson Ginny



NICOLE FARHI Suede Strappy Sandals


Jessica Simpson Cosset

Saturday, February 16, 2013

                                               Changing Society Through Clothes 
The last episode of the american Project Runway a designer named Joseph Aaron got booted off for the design up top.The judges thought it was unflattering to the figure.Why do you think this is unflattering to the figure? Is it actually that unflattering or is it just society which are minds have adapted to?In society I believe flattering over the years have turned into tight fitting dresses  for females to wear (which isn't bad or anything but we shouldn't be limited). Think about it almost every celebrity at an awards show gets praised for their form fitting dress,but society has changed a lot of things.If you look in your wardrobe will you find what is appropriate for society which my guess would pink,shiny glittery,skirts, and dresses (and yes I realized I have all that too!)? And are you apart of the thought of society? For instance what do you think of Lady GaGa's wardrobe or Katy Perry's  these are in my belief people who don't judge their wardrobe on society and I respect that.The fact is that if you do have items that are in this article make sure it's because it's YOUR style and not  just what society accepts.That's all for now StyleSoldiers!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

                                                                     Conversation Piece
Hey stylesoldiers so this is the second  NYFW  Scoop and this one is all about your opinions.
This is a dress that showed during the NYFW 2013 and of course I wanna know what you think about it ,because for me it's kinda giving me mixed views or feelings about it. On one hand I'm 
thinking it reminds me too much of a curtain with a suede wrap around it, But yet there is something that telling me this is a unique piece and the brown and champagne color go great but then you get to the green which for me throws it off. So what do you think about it?
                                                         It's a go! or It's a no!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Style Soldiers so I wanted to give you a update on why I haven't been posting my NYFW Scoop for some days now .It is do to schedule difficulties and I am so sorry!I will still try to put it all up from Friday-Sunday. So I will alert you guys if  I won't be able to do that but, Once again sorry it's been a busy week already!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hi StyleSoldiers who is ready for New York fashion week! And to get into the NYFW spirit even if your not there I'm gonna be doing a post everyday to give you all the scoop!So be sure to check the Blog everyday this week and look for the headline  NYFW .

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shoe time!

Shoe time!

Hey Style Soldiers so.. I decided to bring back a segment I haven't done in awhile which is Shoe Tuesday!!!(Yes I know it's not Tuesday ...Well at least where I am.)Anyways lately the hidden wedge have been all the buzz it began late 2012 but I guess 2013 decided to drag it along for the ride.Number one is a great look for a casual day or night outfit and as if that wasn't good enough they're also comfortable and give your height a boost.Number 2 is a dreamy lace ankle boot/shoe which can easily dress up a outfit and has endless possibilities.Number 3 is great if your tired of heels or just simply don't wear them.# 3 Has great color and you could look soft and girly by pairing it with a floral print.And finally number 4 I just had to throw in a dream shoe, I present to you the ...(drumroll )  Givenchy interwoven leather sandal isn't it lovely! I wouldn't mind having it in my wardrobe! So Style Soldiers which shoe would you gladly sport!