Monday, December 24, 2012

Hey StyleSoldiers  I just wanted to take a moment to give my respect and my condolences to the families and students of the tragic happening.And also say always spread love no matter what or where.

                                                 -Be Kind and Gentle-
Hi! StyleSoldiers make sure to check out my photo blog here and I'd just love to see in the comments below what you think of it! Happy holidays everyone!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dreams of...

Hey all you lovely StyleSoldiers so I am so happy and motivated this week!I have already learned something important!This week I have learned the importance of dreaming. I have found that dreaming of my future seems to increase my happiness.Lately I have been creating a what is known as an vision board or a dream board which I strongly encourage others to do.I will have instructions after the jump of how to do so.What I have learned is that nothing can be impossible for anyone.Impossible is not a word to me but merely a excuse or something that can be used by a person that does not want you to succeed in what you are doing.Luckily for me I have no one in my life that does not want me to succeed and I strongly believe that is how it should be right?The importance of dreaming to me has become very important to me... for some it can help you to keep site of your goal and many more.Why is dreaming so important to you? And how did you answer that question?  Also do you dream enough?

Dream Bag

I present to you the bag I have been drooling over for some weeks now!It is a Celine bag!I want/need this bag to magically appear in my right now.I could talk about this bag all day but I'm gonna give you StyleSoldiers a minute to soak all the gorgeousness in.

                                                  You all love it right!
Blog Ya Soon-PD

Hey StyleSoldiers!!!!Wow seems like I haven't talk to you all in a while!Any who Happy Holidays and yes I am saying this a bit early but I'm excited for the holidays.For me there is just something to the holidays that makes me happy and joyful no matter what holiday you celebrate it most likely never fails to make you happy.Also if you don't celebrate a holiday it can still be exciting because you finally have a reason to be a tad bit lazy and glamorous.....I mean come on it has been a bit chilly where I live and I love being snugged up in blankets with hot chocolate or tea!Most of all I have been wanting get into the slouchy sweaters and cute high knee boots for the longest but the weather wasn't quite ready for that.Well is there anything you StyleSoldiers do to get into the holiday happiness or what makes you happy about this time of year?I would love to hear from you all!

Blog Ya Soon-PD 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hi stylesoldiers so I have been creating something special for you all and I am so excited!I have created........(Drum Roll)A StyleSoldier Nation on Tumblr!You can access it here .This page is dedicated to all of the StyleSoldiers.Have fun!!

Blog Ya Soon-PD