Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey StyleSoldiers!!!!Wow seems like I haven't talk to you all in a while!Any who Happy Holidays and yes I am saying this a bit early but I'm excited for the holidays.For me there is just something to the holidays that makes me happy and joyful no matter what holiday you celebrate it most likely never fails to make you happy.Also if you don't celebrate a holiday it can still be exciting because you finally have a reason to be a tad bit lazy and glamorous.....I mean come on it has been a bit chilly where I live and I love being snugged up in blankets with hot chocolate or tea!Most of all I have been wanting get into the slouchy sweaters and cute high knee boots for the longest but the weather wasn't quite ready for that.Well is there anything you StyleSoldiers do to get into the holiday happiness or what makes you happy about this time of year?I would love to hear from you all!

Blog Ya Soon-PD 

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