Saturday, February 16, 2013

                                               Changing Society Through Clothes 
The last episode of the american Project Runway a designer named Joseph Aaron got booted off for the design up top.The judges thought it was unflattering to the figure.Why do you think this is unflattering to the figure? Is it actually that unflattering or is it just society which are minds have adapted to?In society I believe flattering over the years have turned into tight fitting dresses  for females to wear (which isn't bad or anything but we shouldn't be limited). Think about it almost every celebrity at an awards show gets praised for their form fitting dress,but society has changed a lot of things.If you look in your wardrobe will you find what is appropriate for society which my guess would pink,shiny glittery,skirts, and dresses (and yes I realized I have all that too!)? And are you apart of the thought of society? For instance what do you think of Lady GaGa's wardrobe or Katy Perry's  these are in my belief people who don't judge their wardrobe on society and I respect that.The fact is that if you do have items that are in this article make sure it's because it's YOUR style and not  just what society accepts.That's all for now StyleSoldiers!

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