Sunday, September 2, 2012

                                      GET TO KNOW A STYLESOLDIER !
Hey my little Style Soldiers so here are 12 things about me.Get to know me a little ( or at least my style).
1.Favorite show:Project Runway so addictive!

2.What is your style:If unpredictable was a style that would be it!

3.Inspirations for you would be:Marc Jacobs,Louis Vuitton, Alli Simpson,Miu Miu and much more!

4.Things you are currently addicted to:Sheer shirts,Ballet flats,Girly Bow Ties,and Glitter.

5.Straight or curly hair:Depends on day, events, and of course outfit.

 6.Beach or Mountain:Beach you can wear more neons and floppy hats!

7.Something all Girls should have:Good pair of skinny jeans.

8.Trend that you would like to try:Dip Dyed hair.

10.Something nobody should do in fashion:Become a trendtrailer (trendtrailer is when you have no style because all you do is follow trends).

11.Best thing you can do in fashion:Be confident and don't change your style for anyone!

12.What does your signature PD stand for?: PD stands for Princess diva which is a what I am!(Never could decide which one I wanted to be so i'm both!)

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